Content management

Content management

puntotraduzioni STARTING POINT

To compete in international markets, you focus on value for money while keeping a keen eye on customer satisfaction. Not because you have to by law but because you know that customers are your key to continued success.

That’s why you want a content-management process that enables you to:

  • minimise copywriting and translation costs
  • compress project timescales, from writing content to multilingual publishing
  • improve end-user documentation quality.

With a consultant to guide you through a process tailored to suit you, confusion is replaced by a continuous-improvement strategy that lets you manage all your documentation independently.

puntotraduzioni MEETING POINT

Punto Traduzioni can deliver what you need, by:

  • analysing your current situation, from tools to content
  • recommending computer tools, with an overview of costs and risks
  • devising an effective workflow for managing your documentation, from authoring to translation and publication
  • creating a database for re-using and re-purposing content, including in foreign languages
  • giving guidelines for creating documents in structured languages
  • training your technical authors with courses on writing techniques and rules.

puntotraduzioni WINNING POINT

Why Punto Traduzioni?

Our approach to documentation is very practical. It works because we have direct experience with various types of process, and we know which method works best for each business.

We know you want to make money, and that depends on your content. We know how to make it work for you.

And your success is our success.

Get a quotation or read our manifesto and embrace  our way of managing content!

For more information about this service, read our FAQ or contact us.

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