Energy and the environment


Energy efficiency

Awareness of new forms of energy has grown ever faster in recent years, driven by agreements between the world superpowers and by the sustainability goals set for 2030.

The European Union wants to see a 27% increase in the use of renewable energy and energy-efficiency practices.

The United States and China have also reached an accord on reducing emissions and adopting renewable-energy sources.

And a study by the company IHS has identified the South African, Thai, Turkish, Romanian and Mexican markets as promising fertile ground for the photovoltaic sector.

In sum, the green philosophy is going increasingly global, and the challenge for energy companies is to spread their technical know-how into foreign countries that are ready to invest.

Punto Traduzioni offers its renewable-energy and plant-engineering expertise to create multilingual documentation to support tender bids, export drives or investment in the most receptive markets.

Waste and sustainability

The European Union wants to create a green economy by 2020 that is based on recycling and re-using waste as material or energy.

The 2008/98/EC Directive set binding targets for all member states to increase waste recycling and cut the amount of refuse sent to landfill.

But some countries are progressing faster than others.

According to a study in early 2014 by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti bank, the leaders are Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Denmark. The other nations are lagging behind, relying on sending their (hazardous and other) waste abroad to undergo a waste-to-energy process or be fully or partially recovered.

Punto Traduzioni offers real practical support with the translation of the logistical documentation for waste import/export in line with Regulation EC 1013/2006. We have already helped many businesses involved in waste transport and disposal.

We can also provide multilingual documentation on the technology used, from machinery to waste-to-energy, composting and incineration plants.


You may need all this translated:

  • documentation for establishing temporary joint venture
  • technical documentation
  • consents for shipments of waste
  • accompanying documents
  • notifications under Regulation EC 1013/2006
  • tenders
  • patents
  • applications for European funding
  • chemical tests.

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