Electromedical industry

Electromedical industryThe medtech sector meets challenges every day on two equally important but distinct levels – the economic and legislative. Language plays a vital and decisive role in both.

In economic and entrepreneurial terms, exports have become a crucial means of gaining overseas revenue to bolster domestic earnings. More and more countries are increasing their investment in the medtech sector, driven by demographic changes that are resulting in ever larger, ever older populations.

Innovation is swift, and new products are coming to market at breakneck speed. Small and medium-sized businesses in this sector need to penetrate new niches quickly through effective international marketing policies to stay competitive in the international marketplace.

On a legal level, directives, regulations and standards not only control the distribution and sale of electromedical devices but also focus on the documentation and the language in which it must be supplied.

Take European directive 93/42/EEC (as amended), for example. That obliges manufacturers holding CE marking to provide labelling and user instructions in the language of the country of distribution.

In addition, other regulations and standards stress that instructions must be available in the user’s native language. Fail to comply and you become criminally liable.

Punto Traduzioni offers two simple solutions for tackling the daily challenges of today’s market:

  • translating the written documentation
  • handling oral communication with foreign partners.

These two solutions have already enabled many companies to plan a rosy future of export-led development.

You may need all this translated:

  • technical documentation
  • user instructions
  • labels
  • texts for individual and commercial packaging
  • leaflets
  • scientific and technical articles
  • information and advertising material.

If your text is not in this list, contact us and tell us what you need!

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