Punto Traduzioni’s core business is translating documentation for the mechanical-engineering industry.

We have been supporting manufacturers’ multilingual-communication needs since 1986 in various sectors:

  • machine tools for milling and turning
  • high-speed vertical and horizontal machining centres
  • tool magazines
  • tool-change units
  • automatic pallet-changer systems
  • complete processing lines tailored to meet company requirements.

We know that communication with foreign markets is crucial for any business looking to export and expand.

What’s more, to meet international standards, translation of end-user documentation has been mandatory for many years.

Companies in this sector need to translate a wide range of documentation, from manuals and technical drawings to software and more besides. And the more models or versions of each machine you have and the more languages are involved, the more translation is required.

Punto Traduzioni handles a broad spectrum of texts from manuals and design documentation to technical drawings, software and postprocessor systems.

That demands a blend of language expertise and the latest technology, which enables us to handle each individual document directly in its source format, without further manipulation that might risk corrupting the text or graphics.

The most popular formats that we handle range from Microsoft Office to the Adobe suite and XML generated by Content Management Systems, not forgetting CAD formats (.dwg, .dxf, etc.) and various software platforms.

We also have many years’ expertise with documentation for systems that rely heavily on robotics: packaging, handling and logistics, and the paper, plastic and rubber sectors.

You may need all this translated:

  • operator manuals
  • use and maintenance instructions
  • technical drawings
  • mechanical, wiring or fluid diagrams
  • user interfaces, postprocessors and machine-control software
  • test forms
  • information brochures
  • product sheets / technical data
  • safety data sheets
  • website copy
  • catalogues
  • price lists

If your text is not in this list, contact us and tell us what you need!

Get a quote now online. We’ll supply the best solutions for your needs, fast.

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